9 Important Tips for New CEOs

My journey from a new CEO to an experienced executive has taught me a valuable lesson:

Leadership is as much about personal growth as it is about professional success.

It’s not just the strategies and numbers that matter, but also the empathy, focus on people, and adaptability in your management style.

For those starting this exciting journey, remember to lead with both your mind and your heart. Your team, your culture, and your success as a leader depend on it.

Now, with over 20 years of experience as a CEO and an Executive Coach, I often reflect on my early days when leading a company was a new and thrilling adventure, albeit sometimes daunting.

With the wisdom and insights gained over the years, I wish I could share some key lessons with my younger self when I first embarked on my role as a CEO.

Here are 9 tips for new CEOs.

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1. The Importance of Delegation

When I first started as a CEO, I was very involved in the day-to-day work of the company.

But over time, I learned that to grow the company, I needed to delegate more.

Delegation is important because it lets you focus on the bigger picture and gives your team the chance to take on more responsibility and feel more invested in the company’s success.

2. Adaptability is Key

The world of business is always changing, especially with digital technology leading the way in my industry.

I’ve learned that being adaptable and open to change is essential to stay ahead.

Embracing new ideas and technologies keeps us competitive and ensures we’re always ready for whatever comes next.

3. Building a Strong Team Matters Most

One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned is the importance of building a strong team.

Initially, I thought I needed to hire people similar to myself, but I’ve since realised the power of surrounding myself with individuals more skilled than me.

This shift in perspective has been transformative.

Now, during recruitment, my focus is on finding talent that surpasses my own.

This approach not only strengthens our team but also drives our company’s success to new heights.

4. Effective Communication is Non-Negotiable

Clear and consistent communication is a must for any leader.

Even just spending 20 to 30 minutes a month with your teams can make a significant difference.

I admit, I haven’t always done this enough, but I’ve seen the positive impact it has when I communicate effectively with my direct reports.

Good communication is crucial for keeping the team aligned and managing crises efficiently.

5. The Importance of Work-Life Balance

Maintaining a work-life balance is a challenge I constantly face.

Despite my best intentions, unexpected issues often arise at the last minute.

However, I’ve learned to listen to my body and mind.

When I start to feel exhausted and unfocused, I make sure to take a break.

This self-awareness is crucial for staying productive and keeping my well-being in check.

6. Financial Literacy is a Must

I can’t emphasise enough the importance of financial literacy.

It was a significant challenge for me when I first started my company.

It wasn’t until I sought the guidance of a financial coach that I began to make smarter financial decisions.

This experience taught me the value of understanding finances and how it’s essential for the success of any business.

7. Stakeholder Relationships are Valuable

Building and maintaining strong relationships with stakeholders is crucial for long-term success.

It’s important to regularly make time to connect, whether that’s a casual drop-in or a coffee meeting.

However, these interactions must be genuine.

The goal isn’t to make a hard sell but to show a sincere interest in your stakeholders.

Genuine connections foster trust and collaboration, which are key to any business’s growth and sustainability.

8. Ethical Leadership is Non-Negotiable

As a leader, you set the tone for the entire organisation.

It’s essential to always act ethically and consider how you would want your own children to be treated in similar situations.

Unethical decisions can lead to serious consequences for both the company and its reputation.

Always strive to lead with integrity and set a positive example for your team.

9. Learning Never Stops

Every day is an opportunity to learn, no matter your position or title within an organisation.

Embrace the humility in admitting “I don’t know.”

This openness not only fosters a culture of continuous learning but also encourages others to be more forthcoming and supportive.

Remember, the pursuit of knowledge is a lifelong journey that keeps us growing both personally and professionally.

Conclusion – Tips for New CEOs

Continuous learning and self-improvement are vital for staying ahead in a rapidly evolving business world.

The journey of a CEO is an ongoing journey shaped by both successes and challenges.

This journey is full of valuable lessons that highlight the dynamic and complex nature of leadership.

Every experience, whether it’s a victory or a setback, adds to the growth and depth of a CEO’s skills.

This underscores the need for adaptability and a commitment to learning as key elements in navigating the ever-changing world of business leadership.

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Tips for New CEOs
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Natalie Brown

Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach, and Group CEO at Select Training.

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Picture of Natalie Brown

Natalie Brown

Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach, and Group CEO at Select Training.

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