4 Vital Skills You Need On An Advisory Board

Being part of an advisory board has taught me a lot about making strategic decisions in companies.

I’ve come to appreciate the complexity of these roles and the importance of fostering an environment where asking questions is as crucial as providing answers.

Here are the four most important skills I’ve learned that you need to be great at this role.

1. Understanding Complex Situations

Working on an advisory board means dealing with tons of complicated issues.

It’s like trying to solve a difficult puzzle where every piece affects the whole picture.

I’ve learned that it’s important to step back, look at everything that’s going on, and try to see how all the pieces fit together.

It’s not just about finding quick fixes – it’s about really understanding the problems and figuring out the best solutions.

2. Asking the Right Questions

One thing I’ve found truly important is asking good questions.

Sometimes, people think being on an advisory board means you have all the answers.

But I’ve discovered that asking the right questions can be even more powerful.

It helps owners and leadership teams think more critically about what they’re doing and find solutions themselves.

This way, they learn to make better decisions on their own.

3. Helping Others Think for Themselves

My job isn’t just to tell others what to do.

It’s also to help them get better at making their own decisions.

I try to get them to look at problems from different angles and consider what might happen next.

Seeing people grow more confident in their thinking and become better at figuring things out for themselves is really rewarding.

A testament to the power of effective guidance and mentorship.

4. Working Well with Others

Advisory boards work best when everyone gets along and shares their ideas.

It’s not about one person being in charge.

It’s about listening to each other, talking things through, and coming up with decisions together.

Through constructive discussions and debates, we arrive at well-informed decisions.

Conclusion – What Skills Do You Need On An Advisory Board?

Being on an advisory board is a big responsibility, but it’s also a great chance to learn and help companies succeed.

Advisory boards are dynamic ecosystems where wisdom flows in both directions

It’s all about understanding the big picture, asking smart questions, helping others think for themselves, and working as a team.

As I continue this journey, I’m looking forward to learning and helping even more businesses in the future.

Get in touch if you’d like my help on your advisory board.

Skills You Need On An Advisory Board
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Natalie Brown

Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach, and Group CEO at Select Training.

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Picture of Natalie Brown

Natalie Brown

Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach, and Group CEO at Select Training.

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