How Do You Practice Self-Recognition? An Exploration Into Celebrating You

Have you ever wondered why we often celebrate others with such gusto, but when it comes to our own wins, the fanfare sometimes fades away?

I’ve definitely been there, and today, I want to share how you can start celebrating your own achievements, big or small.

Let’s dive in together.

1. Avoiding the Comparison Trap

Isn’t it strange how we can get stuck comparing ourselves to others?

It feels like an endless race sometimes. I’ve learned that celebrating my own path, with all its unique twists and turns, makes a world of difference.

Create Your Own Celebration Ritual

Find a little way to cheer for yourself every time you achieve something, even if it’s just a happy dance in your living room!

2. Humility Doesn’t Mean Hiding

Being humble is wonderful but acknowledging our own accomplishments is just as important.

It’s not boasting; it’s appreciating our own hard work and growth.

Keep a Win Journal

Write down your achievements, big or small, in a dedicated journal.

It’s a great reminder of all your hard work.

3. Letting Go of Judgment Fears

Being afraid of judgment is something I’ve struggled with.

Let’s try to embrace our achievements without worrying about what others might think.

Use Positive Affirmations

Develop some positive affirmations to remind yourself that your achievements are worth celebrating, no matter what others think.

4. Step into the Light

Being behind the scenes is comfy, but let’s not underestimate our contributions.

Your efforts deserve acknowledgment and celebration too.

Have Mindful Moments

Take a quiet moment to internally acknowledge your efforts and achievements.

5. External Validation Isn’t Everything

It feels good when others notice our accomplishments, but what if we celebrated our own successes just for us?

Practice Inner Celebrations

Find small, meaningful ways to celebrate your wins internally, just for you.

6. Muting the Inner Critic

Ah, the nagging inner critic.

Let’s learn to elevate our achievements above its whispers and celebrate our wins.

Engage in Positive Self-Talk

Acknowledge the inner critic but choose to speak positively to yourself, celebrating your own wins.

7. All Achievements Are Worth Celebrating

Ever felt that your achievements are just ordinary? I’ve been there.

But every step we take is worth recognising.

Practice Gratitude

Express gratitude for every achievement, learning, and growth you experience.

8. Recognising All Achievements

It’s easy to move the goalposts continually, isn’t it?

Let’s appreciate every mountain we climb, no matter its size.

Celebrate Milestones

Acknowledge each achievement as a significant milestone, no matter how routine it may seem.

9. It’s Okay to Put Yourself First

It’s so natural to celebrate others, but remember that celebrating yourself helps you better support others too.

Balance Your Celebrations

Ensure you celebrate your own achievements as much as you celebrate others’.

10. Filling Your Own Cup

Just like we show love to others, it’s vital to show love to ourselves by recognising and celebrating our own achievements.

Create Self-Love Rituals

Find small ways to regularly celebrate and acknowledge your own achievements and growth.

Wrapping Up: Let’s Be Our Own Cheerleaders!

Celebrating your achievements isn’t selfish – it’s a vibrant expression of self-love.

And I think it’s about time we all became our own biggest cheerleaders.

Let’s honour our journeys, embrace our accomplishments, and shine brightly.

After all, we all deserve a moment in the spotlight, don’t we?

Let’s cherish ourselves because we’re worth it!

Need help with your practising self-recognition? I want to help you.

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“Why do we cheer for others and lift them up when they triumph, yet celebrating our own achievements can feel distant? Let’s change that narrative. Embrace your journey, honor your accomplishments, and let your radiant spirit shine. You deserve the spotlight; celebrate yourself…YOU”RE worth it!”

Natalie Brown
How Do You Practice Self-Recognition
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Natalie Brown

Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach, and Group CEO at Select Training.

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Picture of Natalie Brown

Natalie Brown

Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach, and Group CEO at Select Training.

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